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Drama Frenzy Featuring Park Jinyoung

You might know him as Babi from Yumi’s cells 2 and must have taken the wrong liking to him if it’s your first time seeing him in a drama. But in this list we would take you on a tour round Jinyoung’s charms and allure. There’s a reason why he is a member of one of the hottest boy-band in Korea- GOT7. He might also be the next Mr. versatile after Ji Chang Wook or maybe the King of showing the right emotions per time.


1. The Devil Judge

Law and corruption tropes are not for you? Calm down! Put your leg on that brake and hear us out.

Watch Jinyoung go through difficult times and take on every scene with earnest emotions. Find yourself rooting for questionable characters and feel adrenaline rush through your veins. A style of drama that allows you to imagine yourself as the main character rather than merely observing.


2. He Is  Psychometric

If you’re thinking about super powers, goofy scenes and great OSTs then you are most definitely unto this drama. Great story line, good casting and an 8.0 rewatch value. This drama depicts Lee Ahn getting the gift of psychometry after losing his parents, as well as the capacity to read the past of a person or an object through physical contact, and deciding to bring down bad guys.

3. When My Love Blooms

Here’s a drama with a much slower pace, lovey-dovey scenes as well as heartbreaking ones. A drama that gives you all the right reasons to fall head over heels in love with Jinyoung.

He acts as the younger version of Yoo Ji Tae where he meets and falls in love with a girl, however did not last so long as most first love.


Crossing paths again in her forties. Will their love be rekindled?

A support role you might have seen him:

Legend of the Blue Sea- The younger version of Lee Min-ho

Jinyoung was everything young, cute and in love!


A bonus point just because we love you-

Jinyoung in Yaksha: Ruthless Operations. If you love a guy with guns, facial hairs and tattoo then this is for you.

There’s a thousand and one reasons to Stan Jinyoung but we hope that with these few points and Jinyoung’s outstanding drama collection, we’ve been able to rekindle your love for him and make you into a fan like millions of us around the world.

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