You are currently viewing Drama Frenzy featuring Nam Joo Hyuk and An Hyo-seop

Drama Frenzy featuring Nam Joo Hyuk and An Hyo-seop

These beautiful actors may be saying goodbye to us from their latest projects, (“A Business Proposal” and “Twenty five Twenty one”) but we still get to see them on our screens from their older works.

If you’re on a fan craze for An Hyo-seop or Nam Joo Hyuk, then here’s a compilation of their older works to keep you going.

An Hyo-seop

He has varied in top K-dramas and is building his profile as one of the most versatile actors. 

1. Still 17

In 2018, Ahn starred in Still 17, as Yoo Chan, the captain of the high school rowing club, and a dedicated high school student. At the 2018 SBS Drama Awards, he won Best New Actor and was nominated for “Character of the Year” for his portrayal.


Still 17

2. Abyss

He portrays Cha Min, a wealthy heir and childhood friend of Go Se Yeon (Park Bo Young).  He flaunts his cuteness in almost every scene which is impossible not to fall in love



3. Dr. Romantic 2

The actor plays Seo Woo Jin, a second-year fellow, and cynic who has an exceptional ability to focus in the operating room. Because of the excellent characters and performances, this drama became quite famous during its run.


Dr Romantic 2

4. Lovers of the Red Sky

In this historical fantasy, Ahn Hyo Seop plays blind astrologer Ha Ram, who can interpret the stars despite losing his sight. He acts as a considerably stern man which made his character more intriguing. 


Lovers of the red sky

Nam Joo Hyuk

This Hallyu star has considerably made a mark in the entertainment section and has risen in acting performances over the years. He has starred in over 10 K-dramas and made appearances in some shows.

Here’s a list of the most entertaining scenes from Nam Joo hyuk

1. The Light In Your Eyes

 Nam Joo hyuk plays as Lee Joon-Ha who wants to become a reporter with an unfortunate childhood past and also Kim Hye-ja’s husband.

In this drama, he made his transformation from being playful and ‘all over the place’ person to a seemingly mature person.


nam joo hyuk in the light in your eyes

2. The Great Battle

This fictional historical drama with a lot of action had Nam Joo Hyuk playing the role of Samul, a character who sneaks into the stronghold on Yeon Gaesomun’s secret orders. His character in this drama was so out of the box and and unusually captivating.



3. Cheese in the Trap

Nam Joo-hyuk plays Kwon Eun-taek, a faithful friend of Seol and Bo-ra who is in love with Jang Bo-ra. Although this was a side role, he still made good impact in this drama.


4. Start up

Nam Joo-hyuk undoubtedly won many hearts as the cute genius Nam Do-san. With a well-executed character and a compelling storyline, this drama allowed Nam Joo Hyuk to shine in every manner.


nam joo hyuk in start up

Overall, Nam Joo Hyuk and An Hyo Seop have consistently performed well in character execution, and we hope to see them in next Kdramas sooner rather than later.

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