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Drama Frenzy Featuring Ji Chang Wook

 Oraenmanieyo(long time no see) Ji Chang Wook!

It’s only natural that the release of his latest project, “The Sound of Magic,” has sent his followers all over the world into a frenzy.

Here’s a rundown of his most well-known and stunning works.

1. Empress Ki

This 51-episode-long series showed Ji Chang wook playing the role of  Ta Hwan, a character with distinct emotional swings and many subtleties. He gave particularly strong performances in the scenes in which he shows his insanity after being blinded by jealousy.


empress ki

2. K2

Here’s to being a bad boy with a heart. Showcasing his versatility once again in this series while showing off his manly features got us all overwhelmed. Ji Chang Wook in this character portrays a former soldier for hire who is a tough and mysterious man who encounters numerous conspiracies and hurdles while working as a bodyguard for the daughter of a presidential candidate.


3. Suspicious Partner

With the popularity of this series, Ji Chang Wook won many hearts and was dubbed the “Rom-com King.” He plays a prosecutor who works hand in hand with his new intern to uncover a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer.



4. Backstreet Rookie

Who doesn’t adore a cute and handsome man? In this series, he demonstrated how innocent he can be when in love. He played a convenience store manager  who did everything he could to keep his relationship as he always dumped by his partners in the past.


5. Five fingers

Let’s throw it back a little more with this drama series. It was gathered that Ji Chang wook lost 22 pounds to take on the role of Yoo In Ha, a pampered child of his parents until his father brings in another child born before his parents’ marriage. He was traumatized by having an older brother better than him.

five fingers

6. Healer

This list would not be complete without the series Healer as it was a hit back to back on all platforms. His onscreen chemistry with park min young and display of stunt moves left fans in awe. He played as healer, a private investigator, and the top agent in the industry, capable of completing any mission flawlessly.

His ultimate goal was to collect enough money to purchase a deserted island in the South Pacific and live alone on it.


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