You are currently viewing “Crazy Love” continues to thrive against initial criticisms

“Crazy Love” continues to thrive against initial criticisms

With a nationwide viewership rating of 3.4 percent on its debut episode, this K-drama managed to turn the tables and draw an increasing number of viewers as the finale inched coser. Despite sharing the office romance cliche with “A Business Proposal,” KBS2’s “Crazy Love” was considered a disaster when it originally aired, with ratings dropping to 1.9 percent on its third episode. The connection between the stars Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung, was also described as boring, artificial, and unbelievable.

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Many people predicted that “Crazy Love” would continue to be a disappointment. However, things have unexpectedly improved; from episodes 4 to 9, the ratings increased and managed to maintain a nationwide viewership of 2.3-2.6 percent. In comparison to the dull first and second episodes, the rest of the series is humorous, surprising, and heartwarming. The show has also managed to breathe fresh life into cliché sequences, eventually winning over the hearts of the viewers. The “ladder kiss,” which exploded with immense energy between Krystal and Jae Wook, was the most noticeable.

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Some comments from netizens:

*Kim Jae Wook’s kissing skills are out of this world in every drama

*Since Kim Jae Wook often plays serial killers, I was intimidated by him at first. But he just looks so funny now. 

*Guys, you just need to get past the first 2 episodes. The loveline is childish yet adorable.

*You must be blind if you can’t see the chemistry. It’s all over the place.

“Crazy Love” increased its rating to 4.4 percent in episode 14. While this figure isn’t particularly outstanding, it shows a significant improvement.

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