You are currently viewing Controversy erupts as the release date of new drama “Eve” starring Seo Ye Ji approaches

Controversy erupts as the release date of new drama “Eve” starring Seo Ye Ji approaches

The drama “Eve,” starring actress Seo Ye Ji, will premiere in May.

Following the drama ‘The Killer’s Shopping List,’ tvN announced on the 13th that ‘Eve’ will air in May.

‘Eve,’ a tvN drama, depicts the narrative of a lady who plans revenge against an opponent who represents the top 1% of South Korean society for 13 years.

Park Byung Eun, Yoo Seon, and Lee Sang Yeop have all been confirmed to feature alongside Seo Ye Ji, with ‘The Uncanny Counter’ director Park Bong Seob assuming the lead.

The drama has gotten a lot of attention because it would be the series in which Seo Ye Ji formally resumes her activities following her recent emotional manipulation controversy.

Unfortunately, many netizens are not pleased with Seo Ye Ji’s return, and have stated that they would not be watching the show. They commented;

“Why is she back to recording fresh stuff, we’re not even going to watch it, lol” 

“She must have a major sponsor since she’s making a comeback” 

“I don’t think anyone wants to watch her drama anymore” 

 “Is she making a comeback?”

“She continues to film despite the fact that no one wants to watch her drama” and 

“I’m not going to watch her drama either.”

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  1. T10

    I would keep on watching hed drama no matter what

  2. Lilian07

    I love her so much, I’m rooting for her and I will always watch her drama period.

  3. Colette Eee

    I’ll still watch her drama.. everyone’s got flaws.. so, we’ve got no right to judge.. just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she ain’t human, and humans are bound to have flaws or make mistakes… #TeamSeoYeJi#… Waiting on your drama, babe!!


    ofc i would watch my baby’s return on screen….oh! how i’ve missed you… nae agi

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