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Controversy build up within K-netz and C-netz over a scene in Anna

Chinese internet users vented their rage on the Coupang Play drama “Anna,” which stars Suzy. They are upset because the drama’s depiction of the “counterfeit watch” sequence, which was based on a real occurrence. Amid the controversy, “Anna” has not been officially released or distributed in China, Korean internet users started to wonder whether it is possible to watch the drama illegally as a result of the Chinese internet users’ outrage.


Suzy’s new drama “Anna” dispute was the top trending topic on Weibo, the largest social media site in China, on June 30.

The sequence that Chinese netizens objected to occurred in episode 2 when Yumi (played by Suzy) goes to a retail store to market an expensive Swiss watch that her employer, Hyunjoo, gave her (played by Jung Eun Chae). However, Yumi was humiliated when the watch was proved to be a “fake luxury” brand from China.


After seeing this scenario, Chinese netizens were furious, claiming that it depicts China as a country that solely makes counterfeits. “Korea always slanders China,” Chinese users on Weibo stated, “We don’t create phony things,” and “Korea is circulating misleading information.”

However, this scenario was based on a genuine occurrence that caused quite a stir in South Korea in 2006. The sequence is inspired on the ‘Vincent & Co.’ scandal, in which a brand was found selling low-quality timepieces constructed using Chinese components. The watch was marketed as a high-end luxury item worn by European royal families. The watch brand immediately became famous among the rich and second-generation Chaebols.


According to press sources at the time, the business manufactured timepieces in China and then assembled them in Switzerland to bear the ‘Swiss Made’ label. The timepieces were then re-imported and re-sold as high-end Swiss-made luxury watches.

With Chinese netizens voicing concerns over this moment, Korean netizens are pointing out that many Chinese netizens are watching ‘Anna’ illegally because the drama was not officially distributed or licensed to China and can only be accessed on Coupang Play.

Coupang Play even told Maeil Business that because ‘Anna’ is only available in South Korea, they will not take any action in response to the scandal. “Anna” is a drama that is now exclusively available in South Korea, according to Coupang Play. We shall not reply to the controversy independently.

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