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Casts of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ tell their emotions in recent interview

On August 10, the main casts of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” appeared in a special show on Naver NOW.

The casts described a lot of emotions they felt before the filming of the show and after its airing. 


 “I got a lot of calls from my friends and acquaintances,” Kang Tae-oh said when asked if they were feeling the success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” “My mum told me to sign autographs, so I asked the company for autograph papers,” he continued. Autograph sheets are currently being delivered to my home.”


“In the past, many couldn’t even know my voice,” Kang Ki-young remarked, “but now many recognize just simply hearing my voice.” “My family contacts me every day and asks how I’m doing,” Ha Yoon-kyung continued. They review the drama for nearly an hour on the day it airs, and they praise my fellow actors more than me.”

Kang Ki-young went further to explain how concerned he was for his character Jung Myung-seok. “In truth, I was really terrified of representing a senior attorney with 14 years of expertise,” he admitted. Even when saying challenging lines, I have to remain calm. “I was wondering if I could express that?” “In the American show ‘Suits,’ there’s a role named Harvey, and I was greedy to play a guy like him,” he continued. However, after a few episodes, I recognized it was unachievable and decided to focus on generating excellent chemistry between the characters. I suppose the viewers thought my character was sexy because I conveyed his interactions with others adequately.” Kang Tae-oh said, “The back of Ki-young hyung when he’s walking looks very sexy”, Kang Ki-young responded, “It seems like the older I become, the more good points I have”.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin delivered a video message as a surprise. “We should have been together today, but as you can see, I’m in the middle of a schedule,” she explained. You can manage without me, right? I hope everyone is doing well despite my absence, and remember to mention me, Park Eun-bin, and Woo Young-woo. It’s been a while since we finished filming, so I’m missing you guys terribly. The mood was as amazing as Hanbada’s brilliant collaboration, so I hope everyone enjoyed it. Please pay close attention to the subsequent four episodes.” Kang Ki-young responded with remorse, saying, “I contacted her and repeated asking if she could come, but she couldn’t make it because of her schedule.”

“I informed Tae-oh about it,” Joo Jong-hyuk added. When I was going somewhere alone, I didn’t feel it. Actually, I went to COEX by myself out of curiosity, but there was nothing there. I recently attended the premiere of ‘Hunt.’ There were senior citizens in the waiting area, and some asked, ‘Tactician Kwon?’ It was incredible. It was the first time I had ever heard people shouting in my life, and I thought my heart would burst. People seemed to be showing me a lot of love at the moment.”

“I was at the Premiere event of the movie ‘Hunter,’ and the moment they introduced ‘This is Tactician Kwon,’ the loudest shout arose,” Ha Yoon-kyung continued. Everyone went crazy when Joo Hyun-young appeared.”

The last episode of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ airs on Wednesday and Thursday, 21:00 K.S.T

Are you watching and what are your expectations for the turn out of events?

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