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Cast of “Eve” Says Farewell to Drama With Final Statements

“Eve” on tvN has come to an end.

Lee Ra El, the seductively dangerous lady at the core of the divorce dispute, is portrayed by Seo Ye Ji. The only thing left for her to do to exact retribution as the mystery surrounding her identity is to cause chaos in the lives of people responsible for her parents’ deaths.


First of all, Seo Ye Ji said, “All the actors and staff worked incredibly hard. Due to the intense feelings I had to display while portraying the cruelly fated Lee Ra El, I was able to maintain my focus and continue shooting until the very end. I appreciate them. Please watch the last episode to see how the retaliation plays out, she said after thanking the audience.”

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“It is a project that I have been involved in for 11 months since assuming the job and meeting the director and the writer in August of last year to prepare [for my character],” said Park Byung Eun, who played Kang Yoon Kyum, the man who chose his perilous love for Lee Ra El over all else. As an actor, this has been my longest project to date, so when it ends, I feel empty, unhappy, and indescribably sad. “I’d want to thank all the fans who have been following “Eve,” he continued. There is now only the last episode remaining. I’m hoping you stay up to the very end.”


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“‘Eve’ is like a gift to me,” Yoo Sun, who astonished audiences with her explosive performance as the villainous Han So Ra, said. Most importantly, I met a wonderful character named Han Very Ra, and I was so grateful and thrilled to be living as her. I’ll never forget the passionate moments that the director, the warm staff, the performers who gave it their all, and I shared.” She offered her heartfelt appreciation to the fans, saying she was able to work with greater vigor due of their love and support.


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Lee Sang Yeob won hearts as Seo Eun Pyung, the man who sincerely loved Lee Ra El. “I felt immense comfort and strength because of the director, actors, and crew who safeguarded the set together,” he stated. I’m quite grateful to them. I’d also want to thank the audience that backed Seo Eun Pyung and enjoyed ‘Eve.’ I’ll be back with an excellent project.”


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