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BTS V raises speculations of returning to the K-drama World

On May 30, BTS’s V shared numerous Instagram stories, ranging from skydiving to golfing, which made fans pleased to see him enjoying fun moments.

However, his recent status posts on Instagram sparked curiosity among fans, as he has posted three images of ‘Hansung,’ his character in Hwarang. The update triggered Actor Taehyung fans, who speculated and hoped for his return to acting.

Many terms trended worldwide after his update, as fans expressed their delight and desire to see V as an actor again.

“KIM TAEHYUNG,” “Hwarang,” and “Hansung” trended globally on Twitter, while Hwarang is climbing the Yahoo Japan real-time search rankings and is currently ranked 13th.

Everyone is waiting for his acting comeback, Taehyung recently earned “The Third Most Followed Asian Actor On Instagram” months after launching his account.

Despite having a minor role in Hwarang, V is already one of the most in-demand performers in Korea. Everyone is waiting to see if the artist will return to the small screen.


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  1. Adedunmola

    I love V, can’t wait to see him return as an actor. Wishing him the best ✌️✌️✌️

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