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Best OSTs from Heart-Wrenching Dramas

It is true that a movie that captures the viewer’s heart is also depending on the songs.

These dramas and the soundtracks featured below touched many people’s emotions, and we won’t forget them anytime soon. At the very least, if we do, then subsequently hear a song from the drama, we will recall sentimental moments—now that’s a signature OST.


I Wish from Red Sleeve

Almost everything from red sleeve could make you cry an ocean but this soundtrack I wish by Wheein had a particular effect on a lot of viewers.


 Constellation from Imitation

As the drama drew closer to an end. This was the biggest moment for us, as the group from different agencies had their last stage performance together and constellation worked a good one on our emotions. The song was done by the very casts of Imitation.


 Shadow of you from The King’s Affection

This was a hard pick as One and Only by LYn did a good job with our moods, but there’s no denying that Shadow of you by Super Junior- K.R.Y made a bigger and better impression.


Doom at Your Service

The drama as a whole is a rollercoaster of heartbreaking emotions and the soundtrack used, definitely amplified our feelings to higher levels. Choosing between Breaking down by Ailee and Distant fate by Seo In Guk is what we cannot decide.


Angel’s Last Mission

Oh my Angel by Chai is a soundtrack you can sing along to as much as feel the emotion attached to it.


Goodbye my Love from You are my Destiny

Goodbye my Love by Ailee was the main soundtrack for this drama and probably the best as it made it to this list.

P/S: You can listen to all these songs on YouTube.

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