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Best of K-drama Rom-com Clichés

If you’re a lover of romance comedy dramas then you might have spot on seen these scenes repeatedly. No matter how much we get to see, it’s just never enough.

1. A rich, handsome boss

This is normally reserved for office romances, but why must it be the boss? It is the only idea that makes the decision to enter into a relationship difficult because social norms are so different.

Examples: My Shy Boss, She Was Pretty, A Business Proposal


2. Fireworks

Of course, fireworks are wonderful to watch, but whereas Hollywood provides us with flower cliches, K-dramas can never pass up an opportunity to display fireworks.

Examples: Legend of the Blue Sea, Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo, Start Up

firework scenes

3. Blowing on an open wound

Our leads are very fragile people who can be hurt even by a papercut, which must be disinfected and wrapped in band aid so it does not leave a scar, so run along and get an ointment and blow on the wound.

Examples: Hometown Cha Cha Cha, So I Married An Anti-fan


4. Sudden, heartfelt hugs or head-on-shoulder scenes

Get to the sad part of the drama and these scenes are usually the go-to scenes. Lights!, Camera!, Action! Grabs her from behind “Wait for a second, let’s stay like this for just a second” and then she softly agrees.

Examples: King: The Eternal Monarch, Tale of Arang

5. Drunken Scenes

Let’s give it to Koreans, they love alcohol. There’s no drama you won’t find a bottle of soju. It’s so common like a bottle of sprite and usually, in these scenes, it’s all about letting frustrations out (why don’t you notice me? I am in so much pain) and in some way is found cute. This might lead to a kiss or piggy back rides.

Examples: Dali and the Cocky Prince, Angel Eyes, Shooting Stars

6. The Love-Hate Cycle

They usually never see eye to eye at first, but at the very end are inseparable,

Examples: Mr. Queen, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Her Private life


If you enjoyed reading this, please share any scenes you think we missed in the comments section below.

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