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All We Know of the Casts of Singles Inferno

Singles inferno, is a hit dating show in South Korea, that brings different people of different opinions, values, and classes.

Since becoming public figures this is an update on their dating and life situations.

1) Shin Ji-hyeon started her vlogging channel on YouTube on everything lifestyle and recently became the face of a beauty brand, be-wants.



2) Moon Se-hoon during an interview with Gomong on YouTube, opened up about how hectic it has been with him but is still very grateful for the love he’s been receiving. He launched a clothing brand, Studio Tedoh, and is working on opening a branch of his restaurant OnlyGo. On his recent IG post, he sent congratulatory messages to Ji-hyeon posing with a cake that has the name of the brand she now works for; strengthening the rumors of a thriving romantic relationship between them.


Moon Se-hoon

3) Seong Min-ji who was into Se-hoon showed her support for Ji-hyeon by posing for a photograph holding a cosmetic from be-wants, crushing any form of rumored existing beef between the castmates. Like every other cast member of Single’s Inferno, she created a YouTube channel where she takes us through her day-to-day activities.

During a Q and A, she opened up about visiting Se-hoon’s restaurant even before the show and how she was already smitten by him. She said she regretted not saying anything about it on the show, even if, it wouldn’t change the outcome of his feelings. 


seong min ji

4) Kim Su-min, who was also crushing on Se-hoon but also opened herself to other opportunities on the show, keeps us up-to-date through her channel and was cast to be on a commercial for KBS Drama.


Kim Su-min

5) An Yea-won who covers fitness and work out tips on her channel has been growing her friendship with Cha Hyun-seung. In a recent vlog she featured Cha Hyun-seung for a review of Single’s Inferno. They had undeniable chemistry which spiked up speculations of something going on between them, given that Cha Hyun-seung originally loved Yea-won’s vibes on the show but later chose to go with Ji-a.


An Yea-won

6) Cha Hyun-seung also films vlogs about his life, dance career, and photoshoots and was also seen on the vlog of So-yeon’s couple work-out video.


So yeon

7) So-yeon who has been the cover of many magazines has also been on active on YouTube. In a Q and A she revealed that she had been a trainee in a K-pop girl group for five years and had released two songs before she quit but is looking to go back up that road.



8) Jin-taek in a recent video was seen with Hyeon-joong for a flower arranging activity where he hinted with his words that he is no longer with So-yeon, the teacher says he hopes the bouquet would be good enough for their girlfriends and they replied “we don’t have girlfriends.” He has also been busy with his tailoring shop Ascottage.



9) Kim Hyun-joong has been busy with modeling and his YouTube channel, his relationship with Ji-a has not been confirmed.


Kim Hyun Joong

10) Song Ji-ah, has been experiencing tough times from the backlashing of fans over her fake designers wear on the show, she posted a handwritten apology on IG and deleted every other post as the backlash resulted in death threats and verbal attacks on her family.


Song Ji-ah

11) Choi Si-hun has been keeping up with other castmates and was seen with Jun-sik and Hyeon-joong on separate occasions with them via his IG page.


Choi Si-hun

12) Jun-sik is no longer with Yea-won but they chose to remain friends. He has also been keeping up with other castmates and been hitting the gym.

Jun Sik

Based on the backlash they all received on their personalities, they individually show no interest in a comeback.

The show has not made official announcements for season 2. 


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