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Advertisers have filed a lawsuit against Seo Ye-ji

Advertisers are alleged to have sued actress Seo Ye-ji, who is preparing to return to television.

According to the Busan Ilbo, Seo Ye-ji was sued for damages last year by Company A, a modeling agency. Due to Seo Ye-dispute ji’s over “gaslighting and bogus profile,” Company A was included in the list of consumer boycotts, and it was obliged to pay additional costs in the process of re-shooting the advertisement.

According to multiple accounts, Seo Ye-agency ji’s objected to Company A’s request for such additional costs and damages, resulting in a judicial struggle. According to Seo Ye-side, ji’s many accusations she received last year were false, thus they cannot be utilized to cancel the contract and she is not compelled to recompense for damages.

Company A responded, “If the controversy was just a rumor at the time, she should have clearly explained it with her own will,” adding, “At the time, she did not actively explain anything, which eventually damaged the brand image.”

Meanwhile, in April of last year, it was reported that Seo Ye-ji had gaslighted her ex-lover, actor Kim Jung-hyun, prompting him to behave angrily to other performers and eventually leave the production. Additional complaints of Seo Ye-past ji’s school violence and falsification of academic credentials were presented at the time, but the agency denied all of them.

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