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Actress Seol In Ah set to debut her first song

Seol In-ah will release her first single produced by Monotree.

According to a report by Star News, Seol In-ah will release a project song on July 8th in partnership with MARHEN.J, a vegan fashion she is modeling for.


Hwang Hyun, the chief producer of Monotree who worked on albums for notable K-pop artists like as SEVENTEEN, SHINee, ONF, and LOONA, created the project song. Sunny Visual’s Yoo Seong-kyun, who has created music videos for prominent artists like as aespa, IU, and Oh My Girl, helmed the music video, which will be released alongside the digital download.

This song is a city pop music with a catchy chorus, bass, and guitar riff. Seol In-ah is claimed to have performed the song’s theme with her clear voice. As a result, Seol In-ah also starred in the music video, showcasing her sensual and refined visual that fits the mood of the song well, prompting great expectations.


Seol In-ah, who recently garnered a lot of praise for her calm and attractive side in the drama “Business Proposal,” is set to show off her unique appeal in her first song release since her debut. The song will be published on different music sites on July 8th at 6 p.m., and the music video will be posted on MARHEN.J’s official YouTube account on the same day.

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