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Actress Jang Na Ra announces marriage to fans through handwritten letter

On June 3, actress Jang Nara announced via her official Instagram account that she will be married soon! After two years of dating, the actress announced in a charming handwritten letter that she will marry her non-celebrity lover. Jang Nara also stated that she will be greeting audiences with a fun new project shortly following her wedding, and she thanked her supporters for their patience.

“Today, I would like to deliver some very personal, but also very happy news. I’m getting married!

After dating this good friend of mine, who is 6-years younger than me and works in video production, for the past 2 years, we have finally promised a partnership in life. I fell for his sweet smile, his kindness, his earnest integrity, and most of all, the way he carried himself as he poured his heart into his work. I’m so happy to continue my life alongside this respectful person, and so I couldn’t wait to share this happiness honestly with all of you, my cherished fans!

I promise to live happily and with joy. It feels like just yesterday that someone like me, with no great talent in anything, debuted as a celebrity, but time has really flown by. I sincerely thank you all for cherishing me and supporting me, watching over me with kindness in your eyes. 

Right after the wedding, I plan to greet you all very soon with an exciting new production! I hope to become an actress who devotes herself to each moment, always harboring gratitude and a sense of responsibility in the heart. 

Lastly, I sincerely apologize that I cannot disclose more details, as my fiancé is a non-celebrity and may face discomfort in his field of work due to his relationship with me. Please understand. Thank you!


Jang Na Ra.”

Congratulations to Jang Na ra!

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