You are currently viewing Actress Cho Hye Jung returns to acting after four years with a star studded hit drama

Actress Cho Hye Jung returns to acting after four years with a star studded hit drama

Actress Cho Hye Jung went into an inactive mode for nearly four years after Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Jo, one of her final drama roles. This was not due to her appearance or typecasting. Instead, it was due to a scandal, which was not her fault.

Cho Jae Hyun, a seasoned actor who was formerly regarded as Korea’s “National Father” and “director Kim Ki Duk’s persona,” is her father.

During South Korea’s #MeToo Movement in February 2018, he acknowledged to sexual harassment charges against him. tvN’s “Cross” producers also confirmed Cho Jae Hyun’s exit, saying, “We’ve come to the conclusion Jo Jae Hyun’s departure from the drama is unavoidable.” We’ll do everything we can to get his character out of the drama as soon as possible.”

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in his open letter, he wrote:

“This is Jo Jae Hyun. The first rumor claimed an actor who is also a theater owner forcibly kissed a young staff member after making her sit on his lap. When these rumors came out, I was planning to explain myself because some parts of the story are different than the truth. Shortly afterward, I came across another interview that raises other suspicions. I was surprised because I had no memory of it. I had an awful mindset at the time, and I thought it was just slander. A few news articles began making false speculations as well, so I hoped it would all just come to an end. Instead of reflecting on myself, I spent time having shameful and crude thoughts. I’m a monster for trying to avoid the results of my idiotic thoughts and disgusting actions in the past. I confess. I’ve lived a wrong life. Throughout my 30-year acting career, I’ve made many mistakes with morally wrong words and actions towards my colleagues, staff members, and juniors. I’m a sinner. I bow my head in apology to the victims who’ve been greatly hurt. I plan to put everything down. I will no longer think of myself. I won’t try to avoid it. I’ll put [my career] down. From now on, I’ll look back on my life with a remorseful heart toward the victims. I’m very ashamed and sorry.”

As a result, she grew overburdened with it and was claimed to be always supporting her family. Cho Hye Jung was vilified for being the kid of a sexual harasser and pursuing a profession through family ties. As a result, she had to block comments on her Instagram account at the time. She appeared to vanish shortly after. Cho Hye Jung has retired from appearing in dramas and from posting on social media. 

Since the scandal, the actor has finally landed her first part in one of the most buzz-worthy dramas this April. She can currently be seen in tvN’s new all-star K-Drama Our Blues and airs new episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

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    Wow!, had no idea about the family ties. Glad she’s back cuz I liked her in weight lifting fairy.

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