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Actor Kim Jun Han talks about his character in upcoming drama ‘Anna’

In the Coupang Play original series ‘Anna,’ actor Kim Jun Han will portray a different side of his character with Suzy. ‘Anna’ is a Coupang Play series about a lady who begins to live an entirely new life after telling a simple lie.

Kim Jun Han, who has demonstrated a broad range of acting skills in films such as ‘Anarchist from Colony,’ ‘Herstory,’ and ‘Hospital Playlist,’ has joined ‘Anna’ to play a new role.

Kim Jun Han plays ‘Ji Hoon,’ a self-made representative of a potential venture firm who founded the company at an early age in the film ‘Anna.’ He is a person with high aspirations who lives a goal-oriented life, and chooses to get into a loveless marriage with ‘Anna’ (played by Suzy), who has a similar aspect to him.


“I went through a lot of trouble to express the character in a three-dimensional way – to express the sardonic and enigmatic aspect of ‘Ji-hoon,'” Kim Jun Han remarked. He will heighten the suspense in ‘Anna’ by playing a merciless character who will go to any length to realize his aspirations, desires, and ambition.

He also mentioned how well he got along with Suzy, saying, “We got along quite well.” We spoke a lot before filming and a lot while filming, and we had a lot of fun working together.”

Meanwhile, Anna will premiere on June 24 at 8 P.M K.S.T. Click below to watch teaser!

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