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8 Heart-Fluttering K-dramas About Fake/Forced Marriages

This might be something you want to see but don’t know you want to see it. A drama that can give heart-fluttering moments yet heart-wrenching also; Though it’s been tried and tested numerous times, there’s something about this cliché formula that we can’t get enough of, especially when it comes in the shape of K-dramas.

If you’re like us,  let’s take you on a jolly good ride with these 8 contract marriage tropes we’ve compiled. 

1.  Bride of the Century

The Choi family who runs Taeyang has supposedly been under a curse for a hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always die. When the wealthy heiress Jang Yi Kyung disappears right before her wedding to chaebol heir Choi Kang Joo, Na Doo Rim, a lookalike impostor, is brought in to take her place.


2.  Creating Destiny

When two adults are hell-bent on not getting married for various reasons and team up to stop an arranged marriage their strong will is bound to make a change, or not.

In this series, a young girl immigrates to Australia with her family. After graduating from law school, she announces her plans to marry her boyfriend, but her father strongly opposed her because he has his heart set on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon, the son of his best friend who lives back in Korea. Sang Eun finds herself exiled to Korea, where she reluctantly teams up with Yeo Joon, who is focused on his career and equally uninterested in marriage, to devise a plan that will allow them to avoid their impending wedlock.

3. 100 Days My Prince

When the law turns against the maker!

Lee Yul, the crown prince, suffers amnesia due to a murder attempt and has lived with the name Na Won Deuk who was saved by Yeon Hong Shim’s adoptive father. Hong Shim is currently suffering a predicament due to Lee Yul’s order requiring every single person who is of age to get married, or else they’ll suffer extreme consequences. Due to his lack of memories, he is now told that he is Hong Shim’s betrothed, forcing marriage despite both of them not completely aware of the mysteries behind their identities. 

4. Marriage Contract

If you want something more intense and close to reality, this should be your first choice as it tells a story of a single mother who struggles to raise her daughter while paying off her late husband’s debts and the son of a chaebol who seeks a contract marriage in order to save his mother, who needs a liver transplant. When she is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she agrees to marry the chaebol and donate part of her liver to his mother in exchange for enough money to provide for her daughter until she reaches adulthood.


5. Full House

Full of humor and misunderstandings and an all-time classic, where an actor and a lady decide to share an apartment with contrasting characters but enter into a contract marriage to make the actor’s girlfriend jealous. Will they be able to stick to the terms of the agreement?


6. Marriage Not Dating

Gong Gi Tae, a wealthy plastic surgeon, has no desire to marry, but Joo Jang Mi, a luxury brand employee, fantasizes about marriage. Gi Tae brings Jang Mi home to see his parents, pretending as his girlfriend, in order to get his parents off his back about the constant line of blind dates and marriage prospects. He is certain that they will never approve of her.

7. Because This Is My First Life

A single man in his early thirties has decided not to marry. He owns his home, but he owes a significant amount on his mortgage, and a single woman who does not own a home because of her financial difficulties, has given up on dating. They become housemates but soon boomerangs as they enter a contract marriage to die down suspicions.

8. Fated To Love You

When Lee Gun, the heir to a large corporation, and Kim Mi-young, a basic-looking secretary, have too much to drink, the latter becomes pregnant during their one-night encounter. To accept responsibility for their acts, the two decide on a sham marriage and must soon learn how to manage their peculiar marriage.

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