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6 Exciting K-dramas with Clichés and Gender Benders

This is one of the most ludicrous clichés, but it is beloved in the K-drama community for some reason. Boys are having fun with each other until one develops affection for the other and begins to doubt his sexuality; without caring about the world, he musters the confidence to reveal his love only to discover that his sexuality is still intact since the boy is a girl in disguise. So, if you enjoy this type of theme, keep reading.

1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal 

There’s a reason it’s at the top of our list, if you haven’t seen Park Min-young in a drama other than office-themed romance, here’s your chance.  

Set during an era when society does not allow females to be educated nor employed, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min-young) disguises herself as her brother. She gets caught by the upright Lee Sun-joon (Park Yoo-chun), who later acknowledges her talents, and even encourages her to enroll in the university.

There, she must bear with the endless mischief of upperclassman Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki), put up with the constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in), avoid getting in trouble with the strict student body president Ha In-soo (Jun Tae-soo), and keep her secret from being discovered, all the while trying to hold her growing feelings for Lee Sun-joon at bay

2.  Love in the Moonlight

Great casts and not-so-creative storyline but of course heart-fluttering moments with a love-hate cycle. If you enjoyed Mr. Queen then you are in for a ride. Crown Prince Lee Yeong’s (Park Bo-gum) transformation from a kid to a beloved ruler, as well as his odd connection with eunuch Hong Ra-on, is the subject of the series (Kim Yoo-jung).

3. Coffee Prince

When you ask around for Korean drama classics there’s a high possibility for this series to take a spot at the top of the list.

It centers on the love lives and dreams of four young people who meet at a café.

Han-gyeol (Gong Yoo) is a bright young man who despises being tied down to a single vocation. His grandmother orders him to operate a café, despite his dislike of joining the family company. He grudgingly takes on the burden of running the café and begins to immerse himself in the gourmet coffee industry when he meets Eun-chan. Find your sunbaes acting wild and free as you laugh to your heart’s content. 

4.  Secret Garden

Oldie but Goldie.

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won, an arrogant CEO and Gil Ra Im, a poor and humble stuntwoman. Their accidental meeting marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.

5.  Tale of Nokdu

Here is a definition of a good plot, and great casting.

Jeon Nok Du lives on an island with his father and older brother. He is smart and a good swordsman, but his father didn’t let him go to the mainland. One day, he chases after one of the female assassins to the capital. He disguises himself as a woman and enters the widow’s village where he meets Dong Dong Ju.

6. You’re Beautiful

Where the comfortable guy-to-guy contact begins to seem unusual. Jeremy in You’re Beautiful is an excellent example of this: curious about why his bandmates appear to be drawn to Mi-nam, he begins to see her in a new way and eventually falls for her despite still believing she’s a male and he is now involved in a taboo love. You’re Beautiful had a softer tone, with uplifting humour, such as Jeremy’s hilarious comments and kind gestures toward Mi-nam.

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