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5 Throwback Historical Fantasy K-dramas

It’s either one or the other; after exploring and experiencing a plethora of Korean contemporary dramas set in a bustling Seoul with opulent modern architecture, you decide to try historical and medieval dramas to see what else it has to offer, or you simply prefer watching more of swordplay.

We carefully selected dramas in the list below to suit everyone’s genre, so whether you’re a newbie looking for try-outs or you’ve run out of traditional dramas to binge-watch, here’s a starter pack to ignite or rejuvenate your love for historical dramas.


1.  Plop plop Love

Imagine going back in time to an era of no electricity! This drama series is based on time glitches and special abilities. It depicts a senior high school student going back thousands of years in time, where she falls in love, but not knowing how she arrived there, how does she leave?

2. Gu Family book

This is an incorporation of fantasy, and romance, you can find a little sword fight here and there but in general, the series shows the struggles of battling a mystical creature battling his true nature in order to become a good person so that he can protect those he loves. Sounds complex? Check out the teaser

3. Kingdom

If you are in a craze for some sort of apocalypse or zombie outbreaks, this is for you, in a time where there’s no help from science and there’s an outbreak of zombies, people running around helplessly and a fight for the throne. How do you see them stopping the outbreak or who gets to be the last man standing?


4. Ruler: Master Of Mask

If you miss dramas with power tussles, betrayal, and manipulation, then look no further.  This drama is about a prince that escapes the confines of the palace and meets a woman he loves in disguise but is later being forced by some organization to kill her father. 


5. My Sassy Girl

Fans of lighthearted romantic comedies will undoubtedly enjoy it. The story isn’t particularly original, but what sets this period drama apart from others set in the Joseon era is its stunning cinematography and vibrant visuals.

This series follows a sassy, troublemaking princess and a gifted scholar regarded as Joseon’s national treasure. They work together to uncover a secret that has divided the royal family.

Which has been added to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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