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5 Spooky Dramas to Binge-Watch this Weekend

As the clouds of sunshine and rainbow hover around our heads; dark theme genre junkies you’re not forgotten. The romance genre appears to be winding down for the first half of the year, while we slowly creep into a field dominated by action, thriller, and horror.

While that is going on, here’s a list of spooky dark theme throwback K-dramas that would be ideal for a weekend binge.

1. Strangers From Hell (2019)- 10 Episodes

It depicts the narrative of Yoon Jong Woo (Im Si-wan), a young guy in his twenties who goes to Seoul after landing an internship with a corporation. He comes upon Eden Studio, an unsettling inexpensive dormitory while looking for a place to stay and decides to stay there because he is short on cash. Though he is dissatisfied with the quality of the property and its eccentric tenants, notably his next-door neighbor Seo Moon Jo (Lee Dong-wook), he resolves to put up with it until he can save enough money to move out. However, strange incidents begin to occur at the studio, leading Jong Woo to fear the facility’s residents.


2. Psychopath Diary (2019)- 16 Episodes

Despite the use of comedy, this is a good drama for a psychological thriller.

Yook Dong-sik, a security specialist, witnesses a murder. He departs after stealing the murderer’s diary. However, he is hit by a car by accident, suffers from memory loss, and believes he is the culprit.

3. The Cursed (2020)- 12 Episodes

 Im Jin Hee (Uhm Ji Won) is an enthusiastic reporter who is always out doing the right thing when she is assigned to cover a horrible case involving South Korea’s largest IT corporation, Forest, in this Horror, Thriller, and Mystery K-Drama.

While investigating the matter, she uncovered a Forest-affiliated firm that specialized in spiritual consulting. As Im Jin Hee searches for the Forest’s mystery, she meets Baek So Jin (played by Jeong Ji So), who is possessed by a ghost and possesses a very unusual skill.

4. Hotel De Luna (2019)-16 Episodes

Hotel Del Luna is not your average hotel. It’s a romcom, a dark fantasy Kdrama. It is not visible to humans during the day, and only in exceptional circumstances. Hotel Del Luna, which has been occupied by numerous spirits and ghosts throughout the years, permits supernatural entities to settle their unfinished business in the physical world before passing on to the afterworld.

Jang Man-Wol (played by IU) has been the proprietor of Hotel Del Luna for the past century, with the establishment connected to her soul as a result of a horrific act she committed but cannot recall after all these years. Jang Man-Wol must first discover another soul who has committed an even more heinous sin in life than she has in order to enter the afterlife.

5. Oh my Ghost (2015)- 16 Episodes

Na Bong-Sun (played by Park Bo-Young) in this drama has a shy demeanor and low self-esteem. She has no friends and works as an assistant chef with a secret infatuation with a celebrity chef. She does, however, have a rare ability to see ghosts.

One day, she is overtaken by the ghost of a virgin seductress, Shin Soon-Ae, who desires the great chef, Kang Sun-Woo (played by Cho Jung-Seok). He is a good-looking chef who is self-assured, but he hasn’t moved on from his ex-girlfriend. After her unexpected shift in personality, he begins to notice Na Bong-Sun.

Let us know in the comments what you’ll be adding to your watchlist or what you’ve already seen!

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