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5 K-dramas You Should Hop On Now

You’re probably bored of viewing outdated or completed dramas and want to feel an adrenaline rush or goosebumps while waiting for the next episode but don’t know a good ongoing drama to jump on.  Here are a few dramas we’ve been keeping our eyes on and think it’s something you should take on too.

N/B: This list is in no particular order


1. Today’s Webtoon

For some reason, the editors at DS think so highly of this drama and feel it is underrated.

Today’s Webtoon follows the story of On Ma-eum (Kim Se-jeong), a former judo athlete who struggles to adjust to her new work as a webtoon editor after an accident forces her to retire as an athlete. Although the synopsis tells us about only a particular character, it branches out to other people, telling their work-life stories one by one.

The drama is based on finding new dreams, believing in yourself, and overcoming challenges and is a good dose of motivation for those in the labor force or people aspiring to take on new paths.

As much as a little bit of romance has been included it does not take away the core essence of the drama.

It is currently on Episode 10 and airs every Friday and Saturday

2. If You Wish Upon Me

Truthfully, we find the drama name somewhat amusing

If You Wish Upon Me is based on a true story from the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the Netherlands. The plot centers around a young man (Ji Chang-wook) with a terrible past who has suffered throughout his life and is sent to a hospice hospital as part of his community duty. He joins Team Genie, an organization that grants the final desires of hospice patients, and for the first time learns to care for others.

It seems dark and moody at first but with the help of Seo Yeon joo (Choi Soo-young), a very cheerful personality with an atom of tomboy features the drama paired together with a nonchalant Ji Chang Wook the drama becomes lively soon enough with each passing episode.

We would strongly recommend this drama to everyone because most of us might be caught up in our own struggles and everyday busy life we forget to be humane and care for one another. This drama helps re-ignite that kindness and empathy we might have lost along the line.

It airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Big Mouth

If you aren’t already hooked on this drama despite all of the buzzes around it, give us a chance to convince you.

Its genres are thriller, mystery, law, and drama, and if you are a sucker for any of them, then this is for you. It does a great job of keeping the chase intriguing. While we may not get many answers in each episode, we do get the thrill of ongoing investigations, the puzzle behind Big Mouth (a person driving everyone insane), and the ever-interesting politics among the wealthy. Characters’ stabbing and backstabbing make things interesting, and the various twists and turns never seem too far-fetched. Even after 8 episodes, it’s impressive how these ups and downs keep us hooked to the screen.

It airs every Friday and Saturday.


big mouse official poster

4. Stock Struck

For some reason, this 12-episode drama has been going around a lot.

Five persons who have made stock market investments attend a cryptic stock meeting. They learn about life, love, and friendship by investing in stocks there.

This drama definitely screams funny with a lot of banters and commotion.

Like most K-dramas, there’d be sad moments passing reasonable messages to its viewers which would be washed away with light-hearted scenes.

It airs every Friday and Saturday.

5. Good Job

This drama started out with a viewership rating of 2.2 percent which is a very good start for a drama joining the race of high-end dramas.

 The plot centers around a brilliant and athletic chaebol who doubles as a detective, and a poor woman with a joyful demeanor who was born with supervision but tries to conceal it by wearing heavy spectacles.


We’re here for the superficial romance trope, and of course, have put on our supervision glasses to scout for Oppas!

good job

Would you be starting any of these dramas or already watching all?

Give us a review of your favorite on the list in the comments below!

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