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4 Most Expensive K-drama Produced Since 2019

Although it is referred to as the “small screen,” it requires significant investment to produce the best K-drama series. 

Recently, there has been a significant improvement in the narrative, filming, casting payments, and CGI cuts compared to the past. As a result, the production budget has seen an increase in costs. A budget of 20 billion won would have been adequate in the early 2000s to carry out filming processes for at least 18-25 episodes, but presently, 20 billion won would only be sufficient for a 6-9 episode drama with only one location for filming.

Below are K-drama series with high production quality and screaming budgets.

1.  Arthdal Chronicles (54 billion won)

This drama received a lot of attention for a variety of reasons, but a lot of money was spent on producing these sequences that were shot in Korea and Brunei. Also, it was reported that a vast, special set was also erected.

The numbers were stunning, but they were also understandable.


2. The King: Eternal Monarch (30 billion won)

This number is in no way excessive because of a strong cast and a narrative that required extensive editing. However, it garnered low ratings and did poorly in commercial ad placements, failing to make up for the investment.

3. Alchemy of Souls (40 billion won): 

To bring a completely new magical universe to life, the production costs for the first 20 episodes reached 40 billion won. This is an understandable figure given that the drama series contains cinematic moments and superb actors.

4. Money Heist Korea: The Joint Economic Area (estimated to be over 40 billion won)

This is a startling figure because it is far above the typical Netflix investment amount and was only for the first six episodes. Hopefully, the series will be commercially successful enough to justify this cost.

Have you watched any?

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