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4 Fantasy K-dramas With Clingy Girls And Eerie Backgrounds

If you’re a big fan of K-dramas, you’ve probably observed that clingy gals don’t usually get the boys unless they have a dark and intriguing backstory.

We’ll almost certainly hit the jackpot with a handsome Oppa if we become mystery queens.

Here’s a list of dramas from which you can learn a thing or two.


1. Legend of the Blue Sea

We’ve already established the fact that Consistency is Key. 

There’s nothing you can’t do to meet the one your heart only beats for, else you literally die, It’s no biggie climbing the Kilimanjaro mountain or even swimming across the seven seas. Watch Jun Ji Hyun show you all there is to be consistent and devoted.

2. Jinxed At First

There’s no need to be all preachy but you cannot out rule the fact that the Bible says “he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing” but Oppas out here aren’t doing any findings, so why not leap into his arms and give all the luck you can to him; sure he’d have some space in his heart for his good luck charm.


3. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

After Oppa accidentally releases you from a life of loneliness, there’s no way you’re returning, so you save his life once and act like the giver of life so he allows you to stay and you become Miss clingy till he willingly gives his heart to you- sounds like a good plan, even though death might be lurking.

But YOLO!!!

4. While You Were Sleeping

This is on a more serious and sadder note. A world where one can see the future, but only the horrible things;  then see yourself living a short life, so you quit your job to enjoy the rest of your short life, but you meet two attractive Oppas, each of whom can dream and see the future, so you become buddies with them to change your fate by doing so also change your romantic life.

Tell us in the comments below the drama you enjoyed watching.

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