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2PM’s Lee Junho’s Management Announces To Have Taken Legal Action Against Malicious Posts And Rumors

In reaction to defamatory tweets against 2PM’s actor and singer Lee Junho, JYP Entertainment has filed a lawsuit.


On August 24, the organization issued the following statement via Lee Junho’s official social media platforms and their own website:


“Hello, this is JYPE.

First of all, we want to thank all the supporters who have shown our artist their unwavering devotion.

We have already warned that spreading nasty posts and untrue stories about our artist will result in severe legal consequences.


However, we have confirmed that these major acts of character assassination, such as the disseminating of untruths and rumors about our artist, have persisted, with the latest worsening of the false rumors.


We have a clear understanding of the gravity of the situation thanks to our thorough oversight of these kinds of behaviors and our careful examination of the fan reports. With the proof submitted by supporters and the proof we gathered through an extended period of monitoring, including those of currently deleted posts, we have filed a criminal complaint. With several law firms, we are presently talking about additional measures to pursue even greater legal action.


This is a reminder that we will pursue all legal options against people who start unfounded rumors and false information, as well as those who disseminate them. There will be no forbearance displayed, as there has been in the past, under any circumstances.


Additionally, there have been numerous cases of people approaching the artist excessively or interfering with his travels at the airport as he arrives or departs for his scheduled engagements. In addition to endangering the artist’s safety, this might also inconvenience and harm every other traveler at the airport. We request your cooperation in preventing such incidents from occurring again.


We are notifying you in advance that appropriate action will be taken if these threats to our artist’s safety persist.


As their agency, JYP Entertainment will fight even harder to safeguard the rights and safety of our artists in the future. Therefore, any actions that harm our artists will be subject to a wide range of legal action, and we guarantee to react vehemently to such actions.

Thank you.”


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