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“2 O’clock Date” Casting Confirmed

“Date at 2 O’Clock” has confirmed its stars which includes; Lim Yoon-ah, Ahn Bo-hyun, Seong Dong-il, and Joo Hyun-young and began filming on April 28th.


‘Date at 2 O’Clock,’ is a rom-com in which a woman downstairs with an unbelievable secret meets a man upstairs, a representative of the neighborhood, on an exceptional date at 2 a.m. when everyone is sleeping.

Lim Yoon-a plays Jeong Seon-ji, a pretty but inconceivable lower house woman with a hidden secret. Yoona Lim, who has grown into a respected and admired actress across films and dramas, will show off her acting talent once again in ‘2 O’Clock Date’ without hesitation, displaying a new charm not seen in previous films.

Ahn Bo-hyeon plays Gil-gu, the community representative who spends time with Seon-ji every morning. 

Sung Dong-il and Joo Hyun-young joined for the family’s wonderful chemistry. Seong Dong-il, renowned as the strongest actor in his father’s acting career role thanks to his work in the ‘Reply’ series, has returned to the role of being a father. d Joo Hyun-young, who has lately been popular among the MZ generation thanks to her SNL series, is making her movie debut in the role of Jeong Ara (Jeong Seon-ji’s cousin).


“I am honored and thrilled to be cranking in his second film,” said director Lee Sang-geun,(film director of Exit) who has begun filming. ” I’m even happy that the crew and performers I can rely on have all united in one spot. I want to finish a film that the audience will love.” 

Yoona Lim also said  “I am already happy since it appears like I will be able to spend another scorching summer with the ‘Exit’ squad,”  

“I intend to work hard.” Actor Ahn Bo-hyun stated, “At the same time, I was drawn to a different setting. I was so taken with ‘Exit’ that I was happy to work with filmmaker Lee Sang-geun and reassured to work with Im Yoon-ah.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was originally cast as the male lead for “Date at 2 O’clock”, but withdrew due to controversy last year.

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